October 19, 2019

A state of consciousness exists where the impossible becomes possible. Our wildest dreams move within reach, including the ideal world most of us hope for.

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon, such as during a very engaging conversation or film. This is known as flow: a state of consciousness where we both feel and perform our best.

When optimised, flow is proven to boost productivity by up to 500%, creativity by over 400%, and the rate of skill acquisition by over 490%. This is merely what we know so far and may be even higher.

Flow is arguably behind every breakthrough in every discipline. The research is endorsed by organisations such as Google and Harvard, successful entrepreneurs, and extreme sports athletes.

Flow is pivotal not just for transforming our own lives, but changing the world. Many of us feel hopeless for the future of Earth, but flow proves the impact of even a single person can be astronomical. The world’s most challenging problems become solvable in a state of flow.

Maximising flow is a matter of training your mind and adopting a lifestyle that cultivates it. This is something anyone can do, yet our culture, education system, and lifestyles reinforce the opposite. As a result many of us idolise the achievements of others, not realising we have the same potential.

There are many examples of people achieving extraordinary feats with flow, such as Wim Hof climbing Mount Everest in his shorts. He’s broken 26 world records whilst being scrutinised by scientists, proving we harness superhuman abilities.

Another brilliant example is Nikola Tesla, who is responsible for plenty of technology we use today. Tesla states in his biography he’d design his inventions entirely in his mind, without any sketches or models. He entered a trance where he was able to simulate physics and visualise every possible iteration of his inventions. Tesla only built his inventions once he’d perfected the design in his mind, with the result functioning exactly as he’d imagined without a single exception.

Wim, Tesla, and many others like them have figured this out. The only feasible explanation for their abilities is an altered state of consciousness, which is deep flow state (or a form of it). And because flow is a cultivatable human ability, we can do the same.

Although plenty of great research exists, little initiative has been taken to make flow accessible for everyone. Most sources are incomplete, addressing only individual pieces of the puzzle. An extremely effective, replicable, and accessible formula for consistently maintaining deep flow is required for this to become mainstream.

That’s exactly what this project is: the most effective, comprehensive, and holistic formula for achieving peak flow state consistently, whilst free and accessible for everyone. All components are addressed, with emphasis on a healthy lifestyle to boost productivity rather than brute force. The method is based on evidence and will be continually improved upon as people provide feedback.

Regardless of your aspirations, the happiest people are those with the most flow. Life can and should be absolutely phenomenal. Flow hands you the controller, enabling you to overcome any circumstance and live life on your terms.

Not only will flow transform our own lives, but our world. Groups of people in flow act in unison like a flock of birds. Higher states of consciousness are also associated with constructive emotions such as love, enabling us to gravitate towards peace. A utopia becomes the norm.

Man meditating in the mountains

The evolution of consciousness

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” ― Albert Einstein

All world outcomes are a reflection of our collective state of consciousness. Our thoughts dictate our actions, therefore true change can never occur without first changing how we think.

As humans our personality is largely determined by our environment. Up to 95% of our behaviour and thoughts are habitual. We frequently unintentionally adopt the beliefs and behaviours of our peers, even if they’re harmful.

If our level of thinking has lead to the immense suffering occuring on the planet today, potentially to the point of extinction, a dramatic shift in consciousness is required.

Although many of our beliefs will be challenged, higher states of consciousness enable us to see through the veil and overcome the programming of our environment. As our level of awareness is raised, we become conscious of our unconscious self. We’re able to rationally question our beliefs, foresee the consequences of our actions, and change as a result. The required social and economic reform will become obvious, welcomed, and rapidly acted upon.

Despite change of this magnitude may seem impossible because of its difficulty, every problem innately has a solution. Flow provides us with the capacity to overcome even the grandest challenges; this is no exception.

By cultivating peak flow state on a mass scale, we will dramatically raise the collective level of consciousness. All our thoughts and actions will align in coherence rather than chaos, driven by love instead of fear. The change we enact will be so extraordinary, many others will be inspired to do the same. And just like any social movement in history, eventually we’ll reach critical mass and this will become the norm.

In addition to our collective actions during flow producing tangible results, groups of experienced meditators who merely set the intention to raise consciousness produces statistically significant improvements in social outcomes. By consistently cultivating deep flow, we can maintain these effects despite chaos in the world.

Solitary tree


“I can not teach you, only help you to explore yourself. Nothing more.” – Bruce Lee

Earth urgently needs our help. Despite our incredible strides in human progress, we’re still living in times of catastrophe where radical action is the only option. The sooner change occurs the better.

Just like the 4 minute mile, once a few of us overcome these perceived mental barriers, we’ll make flow accessible for everyone. The change we enact will be so extraordinary, we’ll quickly inspire others to do the same, establishing a snowball effect.

You can be one of the first people to get the ball rolling. Not only will you completely transform your own life, together we’ll have realised our greatest potential as humanity: a world of peace, abundance, and sustainability for all beings.